Mercy Ecospirituality Center

Our mission is to inspire reverence for Earth and to live in harmony with all of creation.

In response to COVID-19, we at Mercy Ecospirituality Center have established protocols to ensure a safe environment for guests. We are currently welcoming individuals or small groups for retreat, but we ask that you please contact us ahead of time so that we can accommodate accordingly.

May we all continue to hold each other, both our local and global communities, in our thoughts and prayers during these turbulent times. May we all be safe and stay well!

A space for healing, community and reflection

At Mercy Ecospirituality Center, we've come to know our connection to nature as a spiritual practice - one that invites us to contemplate and engage with the world in an intentional way. Dedicated to developing a more insightful and meaningful relationship with self and the world around us, our community focuses on connecting people with nature and healing the earth by weaving together practices like local outreach, gardening, beekeeping, farming and sustainability. 

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We're Hiring!

We're currently looking to fill two part-time positions with potential to combine into one for the right individual. Please send a brief cover letter and resume to [email protected] if interested. No calls, please.

Part-time Housekeeper
● Tasks include:
○ Providing basic housekeeping duties, such as changing and laundering sheets, blankets and towels
○ Cleaning guest bathrooms and restocking toiletry supplies
○ Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors
○ Dusting and tidying guest rooms
● Qualifications:
○ Must have attention to detail
○ Must be dependable, reliable, self-motivated ○ Must be open to a flexible schedule
● Schedule:
○ Varying hours – this position will be per diem based on arrival and departure of guests

Part-time Barnkeeper:
● Tasks include:
○ Morning and evening care of various farm animals (sheep, chickens, guinea hens, barn cat)
○ General cleaning and upkeep of barn and small pastures
● Qualifications:
○ Must be able to travel and work in all seasons
○ Must be able to bend, kneel, stoop, reach overhead and below
○ Must be able to work effectively in an environment with exposure to dirt, dust, pollen and animal hair/feathers
○ Must be dependable, reliable, self-motivated
○ Must have a valid driver's license
○ Previous farm experience is helpful, but not required
● Schedule:
○ 10+ hours/week, 5 days/week
○ Daily hours vary by season (time of sunrise/sunset), but generally follows:
○ Morning shift: 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
○ Evening shift: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Life on the Farm

A sneak peek into our lives here in Vermont. 
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We also have many beautiful handmade and unique items for sale in the farm house,
so please feel free to take a look while visiting.


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